Three fingers = To-tall-y. Four = In-fin-i-ty

You’ll remember Kira Brown-Augdal aka Kira Fierce, we hope. No longer with us, but forever in our hearts and our memories. Lost to DIPG, a devastating childhood cancer, a beautiful life cut short in November, 2017. Gone, but never forgotten; a figurehead; a thread; a light still shining. That light celebrated right here in Rhode... Continue Reading →

For kids, against DIPG; feel that connection

Luke Stewart. Julianna Sayler. Parker Monhollon. Ronil Mehta. Kaleigh Lau. Zoé Donneaud. Camron Cozzi. Hunter Jones. Alan Vasquez. Andrea Ottaviani. Annabelle Nguyen. Kira Brown-Augdal. These are all names that, we suspect, mean nothing to you. You don't know these people. You've never met them. Never crossed paths. Never seen their faces. Never heard their stories. Does this mean that no connection exists?... Continue Reading →

We all have it in us to touch the lives of others . . .

Imagine, for a moment, you're a farmer . . . The planting, the ploughing and the picking. Your body. The machines. The days that are hot and the days that are not. The bending down. The lifting up. The carrying around. The intense physical exertion. The mornings and the afternoons spent toiling in the fields.... Continue Reading →

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