Three fingers = To-tall-y. Four = In-fin-i-ty

You’ll remember Kira Brown-Augdal aka Kira Fierce, we hope. No longer with us, but forever in our hearts and our memories. Lost to DIPG, a devastating childhood cancer, a beautiful life cut short in November, 2017. Gone, but never forgotten; a figurehead; a thread; a light still shining. That light celebrated right here in Rhode... Continue Reading →

‘If everyone does a little more for those less fortunate, we’ll have a better society . . .’

Kindness is no more . . . You could be forgiven for thinking this and the images from Europe - the refugees, the tear gas, the barbed wire, the suffering - might seem to support such a view. You'd be mistaken, however. It isn't the case. Kindness survives. It persists. It endures . . .... Continue Reading →

‘Everything exists together in a delicate balance . . .’

Like many, we've spent recent days thinking hard about Cecil the lion, Walter the dentist and the events in Zimbabwe that led the former to lose his life for nothing more than the latter's sport. Like many, we find the episode senseless, beyond understanding and inhumane. Our trademark saying, we are all connected, refers not just to humankind... Continue Reading →

‘Walk in somebody else’s shoes, see through their eyes . . .’

Terror in Tunisia. In South Carolina, carnage. Isis' influence all around us, the threat level as high as it has ever been. Life on Earth isn't always a picnic. For all the pleasure, there is also pain. Hatred. Intolerance. Disaffection. Spite. The easiest thing, perhaps, would be to give up on people, to lose heart... Continue Reading →

You can make a difference. You can move mountains.

The people said that it couldn't be done. His critics called him crazy . . . Yet Dashrath Manjhi could not be deterred. Dashrath Manjhi refused to be beaten. For more than TWO DECADES, using nothing but a hammer, chisel and, at times, his bare hands, Dashrath Manjhi chipped away at the 300-foot mountain that stood... Continue Reading →

This is a small world and we’re all connected together . . .

Ever given much thought to how we are all connected? Not just as people, but as a planet? Our lives intertwine, that much is quite clear, even if the precise reasons for that fabled Red Thread remain inexplicable. But everything else, our environment, our existence and all that is going on, both around us and... Continue Reading →

Kindness is in the air (and it has a habit of finding those who most need it) . . .

James Robertson is 56. He lives just outside Detroit, in Rochester Hills. He works the 2-10pm shift at a factory, operating a complicated-looking injection-molding machine. From Mondays through to Fridays, he walks to work. Nothing unusual in that, you might think. You'd be mistaken. You see, James' commute requires him to travel 21 miles EVERY... Continue Reading →

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