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‘I was okay, because people helped me . . .’

'We are all connected in one way, shape or form. It doesn't matter what race, color or religion, or whatever it may be. If you just help that one person, it becomes addictive . . .' It has taken Joshua Ploetz a little time to reach this conclusion. That and distance. Just over seven hundred miles... Continue Reading →

Inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance . . .

You'll all be aware, we're quite certain, that here at OM®, connection is our thing. Common interests, shared goals, the invisible thread that binds us as human beings, this subject - inexplicable though it might be - is one that has always fascinated us. Lives are linked, stories intertwined, there can be no doubt. It is... Continue Reading →

‘Just a little bit of time makes a BIG difference . . . ‘

Nicholas Lowinger can still recall the first time he ever set foot in a shelter for homeless people. He was just five-years-old, accompanying his mom, an art therapist whose work took her to places her son might otherwise never have seen. 'I remember . . . seeing kids who were just like me,' he says. 'The... Continue Reading →

‘Life is beautiful, love is beautiful . . .’

She endured much during her 11 decades on Earth. She experienced great pain and suffered great loss. Her mother and her husband both died in the concentration camps that she survived. Friends murdered, atrocities perpetrated, she witnessed it all. Yet Alice Herz-Sommer had no hatred in her heart. 'She's the most incredible person I ever... Continue Reading →

Encouraging enlightenment & putting an end to ignorance . . .

It could have been total carnage. Newtown all over again. The bloodshed beyond belief. More innocent lives lost. The perpetrators didn't factor in Aitizaz Hasan, however. In making their evil plan, no-one had counted on such courage. In remembering Aitizaz in recent days, his friends have described him, with obvious affection, as having been 'a... Continue Reading →

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