Take a whole lot of butterflies and get them to flap their wings!

Kindness. You just need to give a little. It goes an awful long way . . . Chris Rosati has proved as much in recent times, his small deed spreading from North Carolina to Sierra Leone. It's an act he says proves the Butterfly Effect is rather more than a whimsical notion. Kind actions performed... Continue Reading →

‘You always shone a light on the path . . .’

Since the sad news broke last night, much has been said and written about the late Nelson Mandela. The revolutionary, the politician, the philanthropist. The hero, the icon, the inspiration. Madiba meant a great deal to us all here at OM®, for the things that he stood for (and let's not forget that his was a life... Continue Reading →

‘To overcome all this is the best feeling I’ve ever had . . .’

'I'd go home every night and go to my room. I wouldn't show anyone else, I'd keep it to myself and just let everything out. But I never once thought about giving up'. In life, we all suffer setbacks. Obstacles often block our path. Some are easier to overcome than others. Problems must be faced,... Continue Reading →

Nothing can break a connection, if it is strong and true . . .

Connection comes in all shapes and sizes. Some bonds are stronger and more profound than others. That which is felt between siblings tends to take some beating. In the previous post on our blog, we introduced Conner and Cayden Long, two brothers from Tennessee, whose remarkable relationship struck quite a chord here at OM®. Today, we'd... Continue Reading →

Connection personified: Conner & Cayden Long . . .

It isn't often that LeBron James is upstaged. Someone - or something - special is required to steal the spotlight from the Miami Heat hero and all-round sporting superstar. From time to time, however, it does happen. On such occasions, LeBron doesn't seem to mind. During a recent ceremony, convened to celebrate his awe-inspiring ability,... Continue Reading →

Empowering others through innovation . . .

Hello again from everyone at the OM@home blog, a blog about children and young people, written for children and young people . . . . For young people just like you, about young people who inspire us here at OM HQ. Young people like Kelvin Doe . . . . Kelvin is an inventor . . . Having spent recent times demonstrating... Continue Reading →

Nick Vujicic: ‘What’s the point of being complete on the outside when you’re broken on the inside?’

When Nick Vujicic was ten years old, he filled a bathtub with water and tried his hardest to drown himself  . . . It is one of the few things in his remarkable life that he has ever failed at. That Nick didn't succeed in his ill-fated suicide attempt is something that we couldn't be... Continue Reading →

‘In your memory, we’ll continue what you began . . .’

It takes something special to give a voice to those who otherwise wouldn't be heard . . . To fight for the rights of the most marginalized in our society, the destitute and downtrodden, people too often ignored or overlooked, those in the greatest need. It takes something special indeed or, perhaps more accurately, someone... Continue Reading →

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