The cool thing about kindness? It feels REALLY good!

You don't need to be big to make an impact on this world . . . You don't need special qualifications. You don't need to be rich. You don't need to make extravagant or grand gestures. You don't even need to be a grown up. Take Alex McKelvey, for instance. She possesses the one thing that... Continue Reading →

Zack’s Shack – an inspiration to us all . . .

'It feels GREAT to give . . .' - Zack Francom. Imagine making a difference. REALLY making a difference. Imagine changing someone's life. For the better. Forever . . . Imagine the impoverished. The desperate. Those struggling just to survive. Imagine someone denied life's basics. Imagine a mother. She is disabled. She is crawling through the dirt,... Continue Reading →

‘Just a little bit of time makes a BIG difference . . . ‘

Nicholas Lowinger can still recall the first time he ever set foot in a shelter for homeless people. He was just five-years-old, accompanying his mom, an art therapist whose work took her to places her son might otherwise never have seen. 'I remember . . . seeing kids who were just like me,' he says. 'The... Continue Reading →

‘There is magic in this world, and love around every corner . . .’

'We all have massive hearts - this reminds us to use them. There is love around every corner.' They're small statues, figurines that come in friendship. Their mission is to help spread kindness and encourage compassion. They're starting to pop up all over the place. There are some obvious similarities but they're not OMs. They're... Continue Reading →

‘Love makes the world go round, but kindness inspires love’

'I used to be a broker in London, working 12-hour days. It wasn't for me. Then I went off and traveled the world and connected with people. That's what it's all about. That's where the magic is. Heart to heart'. Leon Logothetis has invented something amazing. It's the first vehicle, anywhere on Earth, to run... Continue Reading →

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