One love. One heart. Change is gonna come.

Twelve months ago, it hadn't happened. For most people on Earth, Newtown was a place unknown. Even for those familiar, it was somewhere unremarkable, little more than a quiet corner of Connecticut. That all changed on December 14, 2012, and not for the better. These days, Newtown is no longer just a place, it is... Continue Reading →

‘There is magic in this world, and love around every corner . . .’

'We all have massive hearts - this reminds us to use them. There is love around every corner.' They're small statues, figurines that come in friendship. Their mission is to help spread kindness and encourage compassion. They're starting to pop up all over the place. There are some obvious similarities but they're not OMs. They're... Continue Reading →

Nothing can break a connection, if it is strong and true . . .

Connection comes in all shapes and sizes. Some bonds are stronger and more profound than others. That which is felt between siblings tends to take some beating. In the previous post on our blog, we introduced Conner and Cayden Long, two brothers from Tennessee, whose remarkable relationship struck quite a chord here at OM®. Today, we'd... Continue Reading →

‘You give a person unconditional love and they blossom . . .’

There's one from Bangkok, another from Bangalore . . . One was rescued from Romania, one child is from China and three originate from Ethiopia. One travelled from Thailand. There are even a couple who came from Connecticut. Two were born without arms and use their feet as hands. Most have special needs in one... Continue Reading →

‘Our lives are not separate – they’re completely connected’

'When we create a social curriculum that teaches kindness, compassion, love and empathy, there is no room for hate'. No-one can question her credentials . . . Indeed, if there's anyone on Earth more qualified than Kaitlin Roig to talk about such things as kindness and compassion, and the need to make our planet a... Continue Reading →

‘There’s one thing you don’t mess with & that’s love . . .’

Here in Rhode Island, in recent days, a great debate has been raging . . . It has centered around same-sex marriage - a contentious subject, it seems - and whether or not such a thing should be legalized in our state. Some distinguished people - politicians, lawyers, civil rights leaders and the like -... Continue Reading →

Nick Vujicic: ‘What’s the point of being complete on the outside when you’re broken on the inside?’

When Nick Vujicic was ten years old, he filled a bathtub with water and tried his hardest to drown himself  . . . It is one of the few things in his remarkable life that he has ever failed at. That Nick didn't succeed in his ill-fated suicide attempt is something that we couldn't be... Continue Reading →

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