‘It’s just crazy, thinking that someone has that much generosity in their heart . . .’

Chrisi Kemp had endured another bad morning . . . Her five-year-old daughter, sick for several months, was continuing to cause her mom considerable concern. Unpaid medical bills had begun to pile up. Chrisi had resorted to working six-days-a-week, long shifts as a waitress, in order to make ends meet. That the washing machine had broken down just... Continue Reading →

Inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance . . .

You'll all be aware, we're quite certain, that here at OM®, connection is our thing. Common interests, shared goals, the invisible thread that binds us as human beings, this subject - inexplicable though it might be - is one that has always fascinated us. Lives are linked, stories intertwined, there can be no doubt. It is... Continue Reading →

‘You always shone a light on the path . . .’

Since the sad news broke last night, much has been said and written about the late Nelson Mandela. The revolutionary, the politician, the philanthropist. The hero, the icon, the inspiration. Madiba meant a great deal to us all here at OM®, for the things that he stood for (and let's not forget that his was a life... Continue Reading →

‘We share more with others than we often recognize . . .’

It's going to be an historic event, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. It's something that hasn't happened since 1888 and something that might not occur again for more than 70,000 years. That no-one knows exactly when the next one will be demonstrates just how rare this is. It's a time to be appreciative and grateful and a... Continue Reading →

‘There is magic in this world, and love around every corner . . .’

'We all have massive hearts - this reminds us to use them. There is love around every corner.' They're small statues, figurines that come in friendship. Their mission is to help spread kindness and encourage compassion. They're starting to pop up all over the place. There are some obvious similarities but they're not OMs. They're... Continue Reading →

‘To overcome all this is the best feeling I’ve ever had . . .’

'I'd go home every night and go to my room. I wouldn't show anyone else, I'd keep it to myself and just let everything out. But I never once thought about giving up'. In life, we all suffer setbacks. Obstacles often block our path. Some are easier to overcome than others. Problems must be faced,... Continue Reading →

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