‘Everything exists together in a delicate balance . . .’

Like many, we've spent recent days thinking hard about Cecil the lion, Walter the dentist and the events in Zimbabwe that led the former to lose his life for nothing more than the latter's sport. Like many, we find the episode senseless, beyond understanding and inhumane. Our trademark saying, we are all connected, refers not just to humankind... Continue Reading →

Connected? Before you’ve eaten breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world . . .

There's not a great deal in life that inspires us more than reading about Martin Luther King. Yesterday, we spent a little time doing just that. It was Martin Luther King Day, an annual holiday, held to commemorate his birth (in 1929), after all. It'll soon be five decades since Dr King died, in 1968, yet his place in... Continue Reading →

‘It’s just crazy, thinking that someone has that much generosity in their heart . . .’

Chrisi Kemp had endured another bad morning . . . Her five-year-old daughter, sick for several months, was continuing to cause her mom considerable concern. Unpaid medical bills had begun to pile up. Chrisi had resorted to working six-days-a-week, long shifts as a waitress, in order to make ends meet. That the washing machine had broken down just... Continue Reading →

‘We should be better at reaching out to people who have become disconnected from others . . .’

More than one million people kill themselves EVERY YEAR. That's 3,000 deaths a day, or one every 40 seconds. On an annual basis, suicide claims more lives than war and homicide COMBINED. These are statistics that cause us some concern. You might be questioning the motivation for this particular post so let's clear that one... Continue Reading →

Zack’s Shack – an inspiration to us all . . .

'It feels GREAT to give . . .' - Zack Francom. Imagine making a difference. REALLY making a difference. Imagine changing someone's life. For the better. Forever . . . Imagine the impoverished. The desperate. Those struggling just to survive. Imagine someone denied life's basics. Imagine a mother. She is disabled. She is crawling through the dirt,... Continue Reading →

‘Peace, harmony, compassion and understanding . . .’

Long, long ago, in around 1,000 BC, the Queen of Sheba left her kingdom on camelback. She had company, a 750-strong caravan following her along the Frankincense Trail. The Queen's caravan journeyed to Jerusalem, where peace offerings and gifts were made to King Solomon. Her mission complete and friendships formed, she returned to her home.... Continue Reading →

Inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance . . .

You'll all be aware, we're quite certain, that here at OM®, connection is our thing. Common interests, shared goals, the invisible thread that binds us as human beings, this subject - inexplicable though it might be - is one that has always fascinated us. Lives are linked, stories intertwined, there can be no doubt. It is... Continue Reading →

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